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What is a company’s cost of computer downtime due to computer problems? Besides the telephone, your computers and the network they are undoubtedly the most important business tools in your office. You rely on them every day to communicate, analyze, manage and perform billable services.

So what happens when your computer or network goes down? Communication is hindered, growing your business stops and billable time is lost. Staff are not productive. These problems cost you money and create headaches.

What is Computer and Network Maintenance and Why is it Necessary?

Computers are machines that need care , much like a car. They do have problems. Having a maintenance contract allows your company to have peace of mind that the computers, laptops, printers and even the server are continuously being checked to ensure minimal downtime , resulting in minimal financial loss..

KLF Computing prides its-self on proactive maintenance, regular service of machines, scans , etc.

Ten Reasons Every Business Needs Regular and Proactive Server and Workstation Maintenance:

  1. Microsoft critical security updates need to be applied at least once a month
  2. Firewall, virus and spyware protection needs regular review and management
  3. Daily use of servers and workstations by office staff can create random network issues
  4. Management of backup status, data selected and data testing is critical to data recovery
  5. Proactive server and workstation standardization minimizes problems
  6. Management of hard drive resources prevents storage issues & server crashes
  7. Analysis of server event logs can identify issues before they create network problems
  8. Regular optimization of server(s) and workstations to increase speed and efficiency
  9. Proactive maintenance provides real peace of mind that someone is regularly caring for your network
  10. Predictable monthly budget and support minimizes financial and technical surprises

Regular and systematic network support in the past has not been the norm among many companies because they typically didn't know it was necessary. Businesses believe that all they need is for someone to help them "fix" what isn't working right.

They assume that only fix it when it breaks is how support for computers and networks is supposed to be, when in fact it is not. This in turn leads to doubt, confusion, and frustration with computer service technicians.

Though most "computer service" companies or individual technicians offer only a "fix when it’s broke," reactionary style service, we offer a proactive and predictable computer network maintenance plan to maintain your computer systems. We customise a maintenance solution to suite your business.

What is Our Way?

Our way is the ongoing and immediate technical support for your computer network, systematically managed by our technical staff. Our support technicians not only take care of your company's technology on a regular basis but also implement and maintain the I.T. Systems Budget, Business Continuity Plan, Migration and Upgrade Plan. The end result of a computer network maintenance plan is an office that is happy and productive with a budget line item that is predictable. Computer support by any other method is neither measurable nor profitable for your business.

Our I.T. Maintenance Plans are fixed regardless of your company's budget, computer usage levels, number of computers, servers, how you adopt technology, and how involved you want to be with your network and budget. Our services are priced based on the number of computers, servers, and devices you have and thereby forcing us to provide efficient services that both increase your business’ uptime and profitability to increase ours.

  1. Regularly Scheduled Maintenance
  2. Comprehensive Maintenance Checklist and Documentation
  3. Emergency and As Needed Support
  4. Remote Management / Off-Peak Maintenance
  5. Available 24/7/365*
  6. Management Oversight
  7. Predictable Monthly Budget

*T's & C's apply

Good Advice from Trusted Professionals

Unlike individual computer consultants, we are a professional computer consulting company that provides computer consulting services in the areas of computer management and network design. Our computer hardware consultants have the years of expertise, knowledge and systems to help your company go to the next level, assist you with your network planning and network upgrades and help you choose what computer and network maintenance plan is right for your company. It is our goal to assist you in making the right decisions for your office, not to try to "sell you."



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