Data Recovery

Should your company server (or your business laptop/computer) crash and burn, chances are that  precious mail, files and other critical data remains inaccessible, you’ve potentially got a big problem!! Especially if you absolutely need the data/files to continue with your business.

Should you  unsuccessfully attempt to perform this data recovery yourself (a D.I.Y. trend) you end up damaging your data even further or destroying it altogether. Being faced with the consequences of what the potential replacement costs then might be can be the very stuff of regret. Advice leave it to the experts.

Data recovery is not cheap, doing it yourself can cost you even more. Not only the cost of recovery but it could cost you your business.

Don’t take chances!

A quotation is given always prior to any recovery attempt being under taken.

We have a “No recovery, No pay” policy. Where we are uncertain we will have a third party access your drive. (No cost to you).



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